1 Day


Day 1 :
Full Day

Enjoy a thrilling journey to Sentosa with a cable car ride from Mount Faber, offering breathtaking views of Harbourfront and Imbiah Lookout. Immerse yourself in a 4D adventure at Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, experiencing tornado flights and discovering Atlantis. Explore the wonders of marine life at S.E.A. Aquarium™, home to over 800 marine species, including manta rays and sharks. Glide over treetops with the Sentosa Line and experience the exhilarating Megazip. Visit Fort Siloso Skywalk, offering panoramic views and a glass-bottom viewing platform. End your Sentosa day with a leisurely walk on Siloso Beach, a light dinner, and the mesmerizing Wings of Time Show – an award-winning outdoor spectacle blending water displays, lasers, fire effects, and music in a magical adventure through space and time.

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